Mark Maren has been working as a sports agent for years

Mark Maren has been working as a sports agent for years. He is an expert in the field of American Football, having worked with both active and retired players competing in the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL). He has been working in this capacity for over eleven years. During that time, he has represented athletes participating and competing in the Super Bowl, Grey Cup, Pro Bowl, and others. Mark Maren has not just worked in American, or Canadian, football, though. He has served as a sports agent for professional athletes in a variety of different sports. Mark Maren has a wealth of experience in working as a Contract Advisor for his clients, too. He has negotiated their contracts according to the clients’ needs and wants for years, whether they play in the AFL, NFL, or CFL.

Mark Maren is committed to growing his business and to expanding his contacts and influence. Players worldwide consider him to be a premier contact for them to have. Worldwide is not an exaggeration, everywhere that American Football is played on an organized basis, Mark Maren has worked. Mark Maren is active in japan, India, Brazil, and a number of Latin American Countries too. Mark Maren has consulted with organizations in countries all over the world who want to develop professional American Football leagues and are in the infantile stages of doing so.

Mark Maren attended West Virginia University as a scholarship athlete. He lettered on the West Virginia University varsity soccer team and earned his Bachelors of Arts in Sports Management. Additionally, Mark Maren played professional soccer in Canada after that.

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